What equipment for your dog do you need

If your dog come to us with his favourite things, his acclimatization will be faster and pupil will feel more comfortable. Because of that reason you can equip he with:    


Dog's food

We all knows how way of feeding is important to keep our dogs healthy. Dog's food should be properly balanced to deliver your pupil all necessary components. Who knows dog better than his owner? Owner know what is the best for his dog and which food is the most suitable for him. If in the hotel dog eat the same food like at home the changes in his life are less stressful and he faster get used to new place.  Because of that we recommend provide your dog the same food he eats at home. If you want we can buy dog's food you have indicated. If your dog eat cooked meals we could prepared it according to your recipe. If you want we can also get used your dog to new type of food. If during stay in hotel  you want to feed your dog new food you must try it before and consulted it with us. You can also use our experience in breeding dogs. For adult dogs we can offer Royal Canin – Club Pro Adult CC, because this food eat our dogs. 

Health book

Health book with current compulsory vaccination against rabies. Because we care about the health of our guests, we require from each guest current vaccination against infectious diseases and against kennel cough. It is also good for the dog to be dewormed within the last 6 months and protected from ticks with droplets on the skin or tablets. We do not recommend the use of collars, because they are often loosened during dog plays on walks, which can result in loss of collars and leave the dog unprotected. Such collars can only be used for those dogs that are to be kept apart and can not be played with other dogs.


Blanket or other favourite thing your dog has at his sleeping place in home

This is option for dogs very attached to his bed. For others take it in not necessary, because we have our own beds for dogs.



We have many various toys for our hotel pupils. Every one find something for himself. If your dog has favorite one or if  he will have single room during staying in our hotel - you can bring his toys, than for sure he will feel batter.   


Only for dogs very attached to his bowl. For others we have our own


Dogs in our hotel have free access to fresh water.